• The best insect boxes for breeding mealworms, black soldier flies and worms
  • The best insect boxes for breeding mealworms, black soldier flies and worms

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Insect boxes for the food of the future

Made-to-measure plastic insect boxes Discover here


Own idea? Your idea is our challenge. Together we develop a solution for your product or process. With an expert at home in the field of product design and technical drawings, new products are realized in a short period of time.
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The products of Beekenkamp Verpakkingen are durable and made for long-term use. The boxes are easy to clean and the design makes closed corners and holes a thing of the past. If the containers do break, they can be recycled very well, so that not only can a cycle be set up in insect farming itself, but the plastic in the products will also end up in the circular economy.
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The products of Beekenkamp Verpakkingen are supplied in our standard colours. These colors have been tested for food safety. Food contact has been checked for contact with water, acid, dry matter and oil. This makes the products ready for the future, because although there are no regulations yet for food contact of this crop, it is expected that there will be. So in this way your products are also ready for the future. Color blue was chosen because it stands out well among the insects. If you want other colors there are certainly possibilities. Ask your representative about it so that we can look at the requirements and alternatives that we have.
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Plastic breeding box for insects

Beekenkamp Verpakkingen has developed insect breeding trays for the production of animal protein. The growing world population demands more and more animal protein. Insects are an attractive additional source in addition to conventional livestock farming. Insects also convert their food into protein ten times more efficiently than cattle. 10 kg feed provides only 1 kg of beef, but insects convert 10 kg into up to 9 kg of insect meat.

Insects produce less fertilizer and they also emit less CO2 and other greenhouse gases. They also use up to 1000x less water and take up less space. Mealworm cultivation and other insect cultivation are still very young, but very innovative and future-oriented.

Beekenkamp Verpakkingen therefore has as a spearhead to specialize in the production of sustainable protein production, in addition to the regular efficient horticultural systems and means of transport. We do this by working together with insect breeders in order to create efficient systems for the cultivation of insects such as mealworms, buffalo worms and BSF (black soldier fly).

This ranges from the breeding of neonates to full-fledged insects, but the multiplication phase of the insects is also not forgotten.

The line of products focuses on good cleanability of the products, so that hygiene is guaranteed during cultivation. In preparation for the future, the articles have all been tested and approved for food contact. Light products for easy manual processing of the products, but also full automation is not forgotten. Good ventilation in the breeding boxes is of great importance and is therefore an important item for our products.

We work together with several automation companies, so that a suitable solution can always be found for your company. If you have your own automation company, we would be happy to talk to them to guarantee a well-functioning system.

If you are missing a product that you would like to use, please indicate this, our sales staff will be happy to talk to you in order to arrive at a product that fits your system.