Develop a solution for your product or process

With a growing number of molds in stock, our complete range of plastic insect cultivation systems is realized. We outsource the production of our range to various injection molding production partners in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Save costs

"In case of large volumes, we also produce at locations closer to the customer in order to save logistics costs. For example, we have already produced our products in various countries in Europe in order to be able to provide our customer with the best price and service. But also possible production outside Europe we do not shy away from limiting transport as much as possible. Large and small productions At Beekenkamp Verpakkingen we work on large and small custom productions. We do everything in-house from design of the mold to elaboration and development. Each packaging fits in perfectly with your cultivation or logistics system. Available from stock At our location in Maasdijk and at our largest manufacturing partner, we have a large warehouse with items available directly from stock. We deliver all stock products to your location within a few working days."