BSF Breeding Box 175mm

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In addition to the introduction of our second generation of mealworm boxes, we can now also announce our completely new BSF (black soldier fly) breeding box. We received requests from various sources for a higher cultivation breeding box with more capacity to be used specifically for protein production from BSF. A sophisticated relationship between cultivation and stacking height of the breeding box ensures that a high yield and return can be achieved.

During cultivation, in addition to a lot of heat, a lot of CO2 and ammonia are also produced. The question was to be given the opportunity to work with wetter, and therefore heavier food. For this we have reinforced the side walls, so that the box remains dimensionally stable even under heavier loads. The open corners, with a uniquely designed long side, are especially designed for this purpose. Together with the new, smooth bottom, this ensures improved airflow, resulting in more air movement. This allows a more even climate to be achieved between the containers. 

This cultivation almost always takes place on a large scale with a lot of crate handling. For this reason, the boxes are constructed in such a way that they can be used for years. Together with specialists in the field of automation, we looked at how to automatically process these new breeding boxes as efficiently as possible. Partly due to sufficient stiffness in the corners in combination with sufficient grip options, the BSF containers are very suitable for automatic stacking, unstacking and washing. 

Because track & trace is an important item in protein production, we were also asked to apply an RFID tag to the crate. We now offer the option of retrofitting a tag that can be read remotely. The tag is clamped without the need for additional mounting resources and is guaranteed to stay in place. If desired, the tag can be additionally provided with, for example, a QR, barcode or numbering. 

The new insect breeding boxes are made from a food-safe approved combination of polypropylene and dye, which complies with the latest legislation regarding migration. Due to the use of PP material, the containers are very dimensionally stable and can also be cleaned at high temperatures. 

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