Beetle inlay tray

Article number: 6209 & 6210

The Beetle inlay tray for growing mealworms was developed in partnership with our customers, enabling them to separate the mealworm beetles from their eggs. The mealworm beetles use their ovipostor to lay the eggs in the food on the bottom of the insect boxes. Between the mealworm beetles and the food/bottom of the insect box, there is a plastic mesh surrounded by a raised edge. This insert ensures that the mealworm beetles remain separated from the eggs and prevents them being eaten.
Besides labor saving, egg yield is considerably higher. The bottoms can be removed from the insect boxes both manually and automatically. Handles are provided in single or double options. The boxes are 100% Ppc and are easy to clean and recycle.

The Beetle inlay tray is available for both the low breeding box type 6206 and the high breeding box 6207.

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